Writing Saves Me

For a long while I have known I needed to write to keep my sanity, to keep me from being sucked into the black hole. I love to express my thoughts, feelings, and sometimes even my opinions through my writing. I recognize it is a gift I have been blessed with. I refrain from being judgmental because I “got my own stuff”. Trauma and tragedy are events. Healing is a journey. There is much truth to the cliche, “Hurt People, Hurt People”. However, conversely, “Healed People, Heal People”. This is “My Healing Journey”. I choose to be open, honest and transparent as I share the good, the bad, the ugly and every thing in between. It is my desire that as I help myself, I will help others.

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  1. Jay Orlando

    I definitely salute you for this truth.I am a “Firm” believer in this cliche in which you speak of.HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE is usually the result of one not having any knowledge of self nor any knowledge of what it means to love self.Its just that deep.


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