What I Know , What I Don’t

Good Morning King,

I was left feeling unsettled after our phone conversation as I didn’t realize that we had limited time to talk. I was running my mouth about random and ridiculous stuff and we didn’t have time to circle back to what was bothering you.

I will never, ever know what is is like to be you living in the Belly of The Beast; the mental and emotional toll of incarceration. I am going to share with you what I do know. You are not merely a man, but a King. You have greatness deeply embedded in your DNA. When I think about how our ancestors survived being stolen from a land, continent and culture that was theirs; survived months on ships bursting at the seams with human cargo; survived the Middle Passage; slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow. How we continue to survive oppression, systematic racism and racist people, microaggressions. We not only survive, we manage to thrive. Why? Because we have greatness in our bloodline.

Once our lives have been interrupted and disrupted by trauma, tragedy and pain, we are forever changed. Trauma, tragedy and grief manifest in many ways. We have good days and bad days; bad days and worse days. We may even have some days where the pain is overwhelming and debilitating.

In and with all of that, you have to deal with people who not only don’t see you as a man, they often don’t see your humanity. I don’t know how that feels either. I don’t know how that lands with you and what thoughts and feelings flood your mind and your body. I hear in your voice though.

Healing looks like many things. Healing is knowing, understanding and accepting those things which we have no control over. Does that make them impact us any less? Perhaps sometimes yes and sometimes no. I make no excuses for the behavior of others. I do know that people show up with their own trauma, history and stories. If they were healed, they would see your humanity; they would not judge men and women behind walls; they wouldn’t mistreat people based on their perception of who you are based on words on paper; they would know you are more than the worst decision you ever made. If they were healthy.

I know you know the race isn’t given to the swift nor the battle to the strong but to those who endureth to the end.

You are Greatness. You are a Leader. You are on your Healing Journey.

Be encouraged.

Stay Making Every Day Count,

Queen Magic

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